asemic tech pdf / from the asemic writing exhibit in barcelona, 28 feb – 25 mar, 2017


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recent glitchasemics here and there

some “glitchasemics” (I couldn’t find another term):

Johannes S. H. Bjerg:

Miron Tee:

& in (from p.41)


visit aswrig – asemic writing gallery


a facebook online gallery hosting asemic writing.

it’s not open to submissions: it only –quickly– reblogs stuff posted here and there on the net and in facebook groups.

it’s a simple fb gallery. not a site nor a mag. it’s an independent and anarchic page.

take a tour through the works: the gallery is open to all visitors, 24/7, with no restrictions
(no matter if you’re logged in facebook or not).

6 glitchasemics and a collab with c. r. e. wells, in “otoliths” #44

six glitchasemic pieces in the latest issue of “Otoliths”

plus a collab work with C. R. E. Wellscru





“slova”  issue #16

The HTML version of “Slova” #16 – with works by me among other authors – is out. Here is the link to the contents (vispo, texts, asemics, essays):

PDF-version will be ready in March or April.

I’m honoured my series is included in this issue. Thanks to Gleb Kolomiets for inviting me to participate.