6 glitchasemics and a collab with c. r. e. wells, in “otoliths” #44

six glitchasemic pieces in the latest issue of “Otoliths”


plus a collab work with C. R. E. Wellscru






“slova”  issue #16

The HTML version of “Slova” #16 – with works by me among other authors – is out. Here is the link to the contents (vispo, texts, asemics, essays):


PDF-version will be ready in March or April.

I’m honoured my series is included in this issue. Thanks to Gleb Kolomiets for inviting me to participate.


glitch / asemic / gif / differx

maybe: glitch(ed) asemic gifs multiply ‘asemicness’. I already posted similar works in some blogs, years ago, but never wrote on the matter. (nor I can write anything about it now). (only a thought). 

differx + collabs @ otoliths #43


7 pieces by differxhttp://the-otolith.blogspot.it/2016/08/differx.html

Jim Leftwich & differx collab: http://the-otolith.blogspot.it/2016/08/jim-leftwich-and-differx.html

Peter Ganick & differx collab: http://the-otolith.blogspot.it/2016/09/peter-ganick-and-differx.html